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Muzej popularnih i supkultra PopSubUP





June 2023 - December 2023


Encouraging research into popular and subcultures of the 2000s and opening space for young researchers.

Cycle partners

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Back2Basics cycle brings together young researchers with the aim of opening an academic and creative space for research related to the popular and subcultures of the 2000s.


WeHeartIt, MySpace,Well done, Emo and Sk8 culture, MTV and Grand Stars- there are different associations when it comes to the 2000s.


Some would say that the 2000s are the "new nineties", and with the rise of themed parties, it's clear that the keyword is #nostalgia. What is it really about?

The period that different generations have experienced in their own way is increasingly popular in everyday life, however, it is not so often followed academically.

In the symbolic name Back2Basics, we would like to encourage young researchers to publish their (existing) papers or write new ones on the topic of the 2000s.

Whether you are interested in the change brought about by the Internet in the 2000s, or how gender and sexual identities were presented in this period, as well as the characteristics of Emo, Sk8, MTV, Visual-K and other popular and subcultures - this is the right opportunity.

Your work can be of an essay or research nature, and it can also deal comparatively with other decades or interdisciplinary showing the connection of popular and subcultures with other research fields (eg democracy studies, peace studies, management, economics, law, etc.).



We do not like to repeat ourselves, but it is important to point out once again: We believe in the richness of opinions and the diversity of topics, and we believe that there is no single, "correct" position on a topic. On the other hand, we strictly reject provocations, indoctrination and aggressive imposition of views as a means of communication. Argumentation is always welcome! 

We inherit the overall creative and research experience through the final publication of the research papers, which we will publish in digital format.

One of the most important goals of the publication is the promotion of young researchers, and we are especially looking forward to new faces and initiatives.

To find out how you can join the Back2Basics cycle and submit a topic, check out our contest. 

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