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Camping the trash out

June 2021– August 2021


work from home and at exhibitions


June 11

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About us

The Museum of Popular and Subcultures is a non-governmental organization founded in 2020 in Belgrade with the aim of acting in the field of popular and subcultures, encouraging creative education and critical thinking in the field of popular and subcultures through exhibitions, workshops, projects, programs and all animation, creative and related activities. The activity of the museum is also reflected in the creation of a creative and stimulating atmosphere for overcoming prejudices towards and / or between popular and subcultures, as well as encouraging cooperation and production of works of art and creative works. The museum strives to open a creative and research space for the work of experts in the field of culture (culturologists, sociologists of culture, anthropologists of culture, communicators, andragogues, theorists of contemporary art and experts in related professions) and thus raise awareness of the importance of these professions. represented in society.

Camping the trash out is a pilot project of the organization which, through these goals, strives to open space for diverse and creative discussion and creativity within the theme of camp style and phenomena.

The project is supported by the Prince Claus Fund / Next Generation 2020.

What I can  to expect  while working on the project?

  • Flexible engagement in the project in the period from June 2021 to August 2021;


  • Work based on previously set deadlines;


  • A chance for practical experience in the desired field;  

  • Creative atmosphere, socializing, balance of group and individual work; 🤗

  • Team and mentoring support in the work;

  • Support in further career in the form of expanding the network of contacts, work experience, letters of recommendation, etc.

Which volunteer teams make up the project?

  1. Social media team 📱 -  he is in charge of implementing creative content on Instagram and Facebook networks, animating the audience, reaching the audience through sponsored posts and communicating on social networks. This team is a "bridge of communication" with the audience and we look forward to its members.

  2. Exhibition team 🎨 - is a team that is closely connected with the creation and setting of the exhibition as a central event. The exhibition team is the mainstay in setting up the exhibition, as it participates in the exhibition on the spot and cooperates with the set designers, architects and costume designers in the team.

  3. The curatorial team will be trained to interactively lead a unique pop-up setting. After the organized training, the members of the curatorial team will communicate with the visitors, lead their tours and participate in the entire work of the exhibition. It is important to note that curatorial guidance is interactive and unusual, so expect a lot of new knowledge in the field of popular and subcultures.  

  4. Translation team ✏️ - is in charge of translating the final publication and film into English. The translation team has a big role in finalizing the project and communicating the results of the project.

  5. Proofreading team 📑 - is the right hand of the translation team, and these two teams are in charge of precision and eloquence when it comes to the final film and publication, and we want both to "up"!

NOTE: In addition to art historians, students from other faculties of social sciences can also apply for the position of curator, given the specificity of the project methodology. Also, all other positions can be applied for by all interested parties, regardless of the faculty or high school they attend.  

   All teams are equally important factors in the project and work together as a large family. So we can’t wait for you to sign up. 🙌 

Who can apply?

   Student or graduate of all degrees;

   If you are interested in popular topics and subcultures, and you are not a student or graduate, feel free to apply and show your unique perspective through your application!

What do I need to apply?

   Short work / volunteer / creative biography - in .pdf (.jpg) or .doc format with the necessary information (studies, degree of study, interests, previous experience, etc.)

   Cover letter - Why do you want to join our team? What do you want to learn and explore new and what is it that you want to contribute to this project? (optional form: text, video, audio ...)



Send the application by email:

It is possible to apply for multiple teams at the same time!


All additional questions related to the topics, project, selection and how to apply can be sent to e-mail:


Good luck 🍀

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