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About the museum

Museum of the popular and subculture (Pop-SubUP) is a non-governmental organization founded in July 2020 with the aim of encouraging an open, creative and critical space for action and creation in the field of popular and subcultures.

Through the form of a pop-up museum with temporary scenography, Pop-SubUP seeks to present different perspectives on diverse fields and models of popular and subcultures by opening a dialogue to all who are interested. By recycling scenographic settings and researching on various topics, the Museum in an unusual way inherits intangible aspects of popular and subculture in digital form through publications available to future researchers, but also to all interested who want to learn more about various topics in this field.

From JK Rowling through K-Pop music all the way to ''kafana'' culture, Pop-SubUP examines boundaries, breaks down prejudices, connects the incompatible, connects and gathers many to interesting hangouts in which we learn from each other. That is why the museum has chosen the form of "Instagramic museums" as a modern forum for issues of both popular culture and human rights, marginalized groups, identities, and related economic and political dilemmas that we face daily.

Of course, we are always for good fun. We look forward to every gathering and we are open to various initiatives, "from Silvana to Nirvana"!

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Form and identity of the museum

The central activity of the museum are pop-up scenographic exhibitions with accompanying activities in the form of forums, workshops, debates, panel discussions, gatherings and related events. The idea behind such form is that through a pleasant atmosphere and "Instagramic" aesthetics of interactive scenography, visitors become active participants in debates and discussions on various topics. We believe that through a combination of fun and education, we can encourage an exchange of opinions with less prejudice.

That is why the very name "popular" and "subculture" testifies the pluralism and heterogeneous milieu of youth cultures that merge or separate at certain points. We want to raise awareness of common characteristics, dispel prejudices and encourage joint projects through new and unusual acquaintances. Also, the two bubbles in the Museum's logo illustrate the points of connection between what is considered popular and leading in the cultural field (mainstream) and what is considered marginalized and underrepresented (alternative). In addition, the form of the bubble represents transience, a rapid change in trends in youth cultures, but also the museum's idea of ​​recycling the material and inheriting the intangible when it comes to popular and subculture.



  • Creative education and encouragement of critical thinking in the field of popular and subcultures through exhibitions, workshops, projects, programs, and the entire animation, creative and related activities of the museum;

  • Promoting and archiving various forms of popular and subcultures;

  • Creating a creative and stimulating atmosphere for overcoming prejudices towards/between popular and subcultures as well as encouraging cooperation and production of artworks and creative works that are the result of intercultural cooperation;

  • Opening creative and research space for the work of experts in the field of culture (culturologists, sociologists of culture, anthropologists of culture, communicators, andragogues, theorists of contemporary art, and experts in related professions), and raising awareness of the importance of these professions in society;

  • Cooperation with related institutions (public, private and civil society organizations) dealing with popular and subcultural topics and related areas, with the aim of creating better content, providing better services to the public, encouraging cross-sectoral and intra-sectoral networking and knowledge exchange;

  • Influencing the development of the museum audience and the culture of the city in accordance with the contemporary understanding of the museum as an important educational institution;


  • The core vision of the Museum is reflected in the desire to successfully encourage critical and analytical thinking, through creative, educational, and methods of audience animation, at the city, district, state, regional and international levels;

  • By expanding its areas of activity, the Museum wants to support initiatives in the field of performing, visual, applied, digital, multimedia and other art forms, which will build the Center for Popular and Subcultures, as an interdisciplinary institution, unique in its character;

  • The Museum of Popular and Subcultures strives to become a single cultural institution that will bring together related institutions in the field of popular and subcultures from the local to the international level;

  • The Museum of Popular and Subcultures wants to establish cooperation with related regional and international institutions and implement projects in common areas of activity;

Core values

Creative education

The museum supports creative learning methods, knowledge sharing and the creation of innovative ideas;

Critical analyticity

The educational program should encourage the analytical thinking of the individual and encourage the formation and expression of critical attitudes;

Intercultural Interdisciplinarity

The work of the museum takes place in interdisciplinary trends in order to enrich the content with different perspectives, encourage the exchange of opinions and create networks of cooperation. Also, intercultural cooperation and exchange of values in order to create innovative and creative ideas are encouraged;

Social awareness and responsibility

Museum activities should be conducted in accordance with technological and social progress, but there should also be awareness of current social problems (such as environmental) with which to coordinate activities;



Uroš Đurović


The founder

Drama king, "creativity is the only virtue, everything else is my weakness", if you could combine more incompatible things you would get Uroš. 

Milica crno-belo.png

Milica Drinčević

—Pngtree—vector target icon_3990019.png

The journalist

Sometimes it seems that he writes articles the way he shoots at a target: precisely and from a distance (objectively). Not your typical journalist. A phenomenal driver.

Jelena crno-belić.png

Jelena Krunic


The engineer

Our only and favorite recorder. She has a great love for small things and is accurate to the millimeter in any job that is involved. Otherwise relaxed and quiet.

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