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Tamara Jecic

Project Assistant


Date of Birth:

January 7, 1998

About me

Tamara Jecić is a project assistant at the Museum of Popular and Subcultures. He is currently attending an interdisciplinary master's program in cultural studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences. He holds the title of ethnologist-anthropologist, with basic studies completed at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. He is regularly involved in socially engaged projects, especially in the field of visual anthropology, with participation in several film schools and courses and screenings at the Ethnographic Museum, Mikser Festival, etc. Her broad field of interest led her to collaborate with the Institute for Sociological Research (ISI) and the Center for Bioethical Studies (CBS). He believes that by studying customs, artistic creativity, symbols, film, music, language and religion, we can gain relevant insights about our culture and other cultures of this world. 

Outstanding work experience

November 2020, July 2018.

October 2018 - December 2018

April 2018

Director of documentary films

Festival Mixer

Moderator of scientific discussions

Center for Bioethical Studies (CBS)

Research Associate

Institute for Sociological Research (ISI)

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