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Camp in ourselves and we in camp!

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The digital heritage of the Camping the trash out project is a digital publication of research papers and a final documentary entitled "Camp in ourselves and we in camp!".  You can find more about the concept of the camp and the Camping the trash out project on the Camping the trash out project page.

The publication "Camp in ourselves and we in camp!"  is a book of scientific research papers on the topic of the camp and social issues that the camp style raises. In the publication, you can find seven research papers that explore the camp in various art forms (primarily in literature, film, fashion, multimedia creation, and even the campy personalities - a case study: Bebi Dol). In addition, the research works of young researchers, through vivid works on the camp, initiate and reveal numerous social themes from gender identities, aesthetics, through audience research to the camp and its role when it comes to the economic position of its audience.  

What can be considered as camp? Does camp transform itself over time? Are camp personalities aware of their "campiness"?  Is camp present in all forms of stylistic expression? Who is camp humor for and where does it come from? Camping the trash out project team tried to answer these and many other questions. 


The publication in Serbian, with summaries in English, represents the heritage of the museum and is available to all interested readers and researchers, as it can be downloaded free of charge in .pdf format by clicking on the button to download the publication.

The copyright to the publication is retained by the Museum of Popular and Subcultures, and any inadequate citation of the research material of the publication and plagiarism of the material will be severely punishable. 

The publication can be used as a source for other research papers with adequate citation of the authors whose texts are presented in the publication. Any inadequate citation will be considered plagiarism. The publication cannot be used for commercial purposes.



Ana Samardžić
Jelena Jovanovic
Jelena Beočanin

Vladimir Milisavljevic
Smiljka Čabraja
Tatjana Ristic
Tamara Tica

Lecturer for Serbian language
Matija Nesovic

English language lecturer
Jana Zivanovic

Publication design
Sanela Begović

Uroš Đurović


The film "Camp in ourselves and we in camp!"  is a documentary, aftermovie, of the Camping the trash out project. The film consists of a narrative work that explains camp to the audience in more detail, connecting it with examples from popular culture, media and everyday life. Through the dialogue of our narrators Anja and Aleksa, we find out where the beginnings of the camp go, where it all appears today and who are the most prominent examples of personalities from the world of the camp. Our guides on that path are also researcher Ana Samardžić, designer Andrijana Stefanović and project curator Uroš Đurović. You will have the opportunity to see, at least in part, the vivid atmosphere from the workshops and exhibitions in KC Magacin and within the Festival (Dev9t).  

All materials in the film were used for non-commercial, educational and informative purposes. TURN ON CC FOR ENGLISH

Anja Arnautovic
Aleksa Mogić

Record and mix sound for narration

Nikola Tomić



Interview journalist
Ivana Kovacevic (


Interview interviewees
Ana Samadržić,
Andrijana Stefanović,

Uroš Đurović

Tamara Jecic
Uroš Đurović

Assistant director
Tamara Jecic

Aleksandar Karic (
The team of the Museum of Popular and Subcultures

Video editors

Milan Petković
Darko Dikić


Milan Petković


Milica Petkovic

Bojana Ivanović

English subtitle translation

Jana Zivanovic

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